Friday, April 17, 2009

DISD Morale: Let's Get It Straight!

I recently read a Dallas Observer article where Dr. Hinojosa was proud to point out that when he came to the Dallas ISD employee morale was at a dismal 14% and now it is at 48%. Well, let's get the statistics straight!

Mr. Superintendent when you came to the Dallas ISD employee morale was judged by what the DISD called it's "Climate Survey". This "Climate Survey" was not administered to all District employees. It was ONLY administered to schools in which there was an identifiable problem and then the survey had to be requested to be administered by that school's Area Superintendent.

Three or so years ago, the DISD decided to bring in the OHI instrument. That instrument IS administered district-wide. BIG DIFFERENCE between just a few schools that have a problem and all of the schools in the district!

So, the numbers are correct. Fourteen percent to forty-eight percent. However, you are comparing apples and oranges. Your growth in employee morale cannot be judged by comparing two different instruments administered in two different ways. But, then again, that's exactly what your beloved CEI does to too many of our teachers.

What I have seen, Mr. Superintendent, is that employees all over our district have come together to support each other because they have survived YOUR RIF; YOUR changes in grading policy; YOUR elimination of longevity pay; YOUR involuntary release of hundreds of employees from their campuses; YOUR idea to reduce teacher contracts from two-years to one-year; and, YOUR proposed idea to change your teacher's pay date from the 15th of the month to the 30th!

The morale increase that you so proudly tout has come, not because of you, but, quite honestly, in spite of you. Our employees are resilient. Our employees find ways to adapt, to evolve, to SURVIVE! They have come together all over the DISD to support each other because they do not feel that you, your Administration, or the Board of Trustees care about them.

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tophasize said...

HiNOjosa is screwing with numbers again just like the CEIs...make the numbers come out like you want....doesn't matter if they don't get there naturally....hahahah