Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's Time to VOTE!

NEA-Dallas members and citizens of our great state who read this, "It's Time to VOTE!" It's time to exercise one of the most important privileges that our founding fathers bestowed upon us!
This Saturday, May 9 is ELECTION DAY! There are many local and county races that are going on that deserve your input.

NEA-Dallas needs ALL of our members, their families, friends and acquintances that live in Dallas County to help us re-elect Larry Duncan to the Dallas County Schools Board of Trustees. The race for Dallas County Schools is the last thing on your ballot. There are two at-large seats that will be filled by the two highest vote getters on Saturday.

Mr. Duncan has been a great advocate for employees in Dallas County and a good friend of NEA-Dallas during his term of office. As Chair of the DCS Board's Policy Commitee, he has taken policy changes (suggested by our members) through the process and gotten them passed.

Mr. Duncan has also been a strong proponent of developing Dallas County Schools Emergency Response Team. This team has gone to areas in the state to help evacuate people from areas facing hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Larry has worked tirelessly over the last two years to improve air quality for our students and citizens in Dallas County. This work is coming to fruition as Dallas County unvieled its "Fryer Flyer", a school bus that runs on biodiesel and waste vegetable oil, and their first biodiesel facility on April 2, 2009. The plan is to convert all of Dallas County's diesel buses to biodiesel and waste vegetable oil.

NEA-Dallas' Board of Directors and Membership Assembly have both unanimously endosed Mr. Duncan and we need your help on Saturday!

I can personally recommend that you vote for Cassandra "Cassie" Gandara for the second slot in the Dallas County Schools Trustees Election.

NEA-Dallas encourages you to make sure your voice is heard by voting in the other races and on the propositions on your ballot. We have not taken any positions on those and urge you to educate yourselves on what those candidates stand for and what those propositions will do.

See you at the polls on Saturday!

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