Thursday, August 27, 2009


The DISD Board of Trustees tonight unanimously APPROVED PAY RAISES for ALL DISD EMPLOYEES! The pay raises include a long-awaited 3% raise for all of our support staff; a 3% raise for all other non-instructional employees; and, a raise of an average of $1701 for all of our teachers and related instructional personnel.

Again, a lot of thanks goes to DISD CFO Larry Throm, Trustee Jerome Garza, and former DISD Chief of Human Development Kim Olson and her staff. The money for these raises comes from the fact that DISD Human Development has placed all but fifty-eight (58) of the over 500 teachers who were released from their positions but still had a contract for 2009-2010.

I would personally like to thank NEA-Dallas Executive Vice President Diane Birdwell, NEA-Dallas Vice President for Teacher Affairs Kathryn Brothers, and all of you who contacted your Trustees and kept up the pressure on them to make sure that they did the right thing by our employees.

You see, when WE all work together, WE can achieve our goal! Together we can, Together we will, and now, Together we have!

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