Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Texas Two-Steppin Into @$%$#!

Like many of you, hopefully, I just spent this evening trying to do the "Texas Two-Step". The Texas Democratic Party's well thought out idea to have delegates not only apportioned by the popular vote, but to also allocate additional delegates based upon precinct caucuses held tonight at 7:15pm.

Well, this caucus process tonight was totally FUBAR! My voting location had three precincts voting/caucusing at it. The Cedar Valley CC building is a nice building, but not big enough for even ONE precinct to vote/caucus in tonight!

At 7:15 about 5,000 people were in the lines weaving all over the parking lots, sidewalks, and everywhere else people could stand. I expected to stand in line as it took an hour and a half to early vote last Friday, but I never expected to have this many people standing outside of a building with only a few lights on in the parking lot. Most of the lights were out, so the vast majority of caucus-goers were standing out in the dark.

I have to give it to the caucus-goers in line. They were all very nice and hung in there. We finally decided to make like a bunch of emperor penguins and huddle together to stay warm. The lines finally began to move, but then the so-called workers abandoned what they were supposed to be doing and many of the people in line had to take over. We did manage to get some of the sign-in sheets signed, but in my precinct, out of the thousand or so people in line, only 295 actually signed a sheet and only 109 actually were able to crowd into a small room navel to navel to conduct the caucus.

Tonight was historic! I spoke to one couple who had their small children there and we all told the kids that they could tell their grandchildren about this one day whenever they grew up.

Despite the historical moment, I do believe that the Texas Democratic Party should carefully rethink this "Two-Step" idea. If they are not able to conduct the caucuses in a facility that is large enough and if they are not able to have enough workers who will stay for the long haul, then allocate delegates based upon the popular vote.

If you had similar experiences, agree or disagree with my idea, please let me know. I welcome your comments because we are all trying to advance this democratic society of ours and public education, which is the cornerstone of any democratic society.

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Anonymous said...

I was told you had to have a ticket to get in to the caucus that you were supposed to have been given when you voted. Since I didn't have the ticket I did not attend the caucus. UGH!! What a messed up process.