Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dark Day In Dallas

Today, October 15, 2008 is one of the darkest days in the history of the Dallas ISD. Dark for the 463+ or 350+ employees, depending how DISD does their math, who are losing their jobs today. Dark for the other employees and their families who have lost their jobs already. And, most importantly, dark for the thousands of students who have lost their teacher and now must start Monday with a new one.

Who is the Dallas ISD supposed to serve? Who do Trustees continue to say this is all about? Who does the Dallas Achieves aim to improve education for? WHO?!

THE CHILDREN! When all is said and done today and next week, it is the children who will pay the ultimate price for all of the adults at 3700 Ross Avenue that can't do simple math.

What is the DISD going to do for these children? NEA-Dallas and the other employee organizations are doing what they can to assist the employees who are losing their jobs. Parents and community leaders must now ask the Superintendent what HE AND HIS STAFF are doing to help these children understand why they lost their teacher today and deal with their emotions.

In addition, parents, please talk to your students tonight and in the nights to come and let them know that their teacher did not leave them or abandon them. Their teacher would never do that. Help them to understand that their former teacher will miss them and want them to do their very best for their new one. Talk to them, listen to them, and most importantly, hug them and love them! That's what our teachers who wont' be there tomorrow need you to do. It's what your children need for you to do,too.

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