Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Let's Make History!

With all of the attention that I have had to devote to the Dallas ISD over the last month and a half, I have found that I have had little time to talk to anyone about one of the most important elections to come during my lifetime. Time to remedy that!

The National Education Association has many members from both of the two major parties. Whether you are Democrat, Independent, Republican or something else, WE HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE HISTORY! For the first time in our nation's history, either we will elect the first person of color to the Presidency or the first woman to the Vice Presidency.

There is absolutely no excuse for any of us not to vote. Early voting opened in Dallas County on Monday, October 20. We still have until this weekend to get our vote in early and then all day on Tuesday, November 4. We, as Americans, can not take this important privilege for granted. We must vote to insure the future of our county, state and nation! We must vote for the future of our children! We must vote for the future of public education!

So, between now and late on November 4, please join me in making history! VOTE!

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